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  ADVIL Nighttime Cold, Cough & Flu Liqui-Gels 18 Capsules
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Nighttime Cold, Cough & Flu Liqui-Gels 18 Capsules

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Analgesic + Antihistamine + Cough Suppressant

Get a good night's rest and feel better in the morning. Advil Nighttime Cold, Cough & Flu Liqui-Gels (18) is a analgesic, antihistamine, and a cough suppressant that works fast to help relieve the following pesky cold and flu symptoms:

  • dry cough
  • fever and chills
  • body aches and pains
  • headache
  • sore throat pain
  • sneezing 
  • runny nose

Advil Nighttime Cold, Cough & Flu liquid gels contain the following ingredients:

  • ibuprofen (as free acid and potassium salt) 200 mg
  • diphenhydramine hydrochloride 25 mg
  • coconut oil
  • D&C red no. 33
  • FD&C blue no. 1
  • gelatin
  • pharmaceutical ink
  • polyethylene glycol
  • potassium hydroxide
  • purified water
  • sorbitan
  • sorbitol
  • Follow instructions on label. Do not exceed dose, unless instructed by a health care professional.
  • Store out of reach of children.
  • Do not take if taking any other pain reliever, sleep aid, antinausea, or allergy, cough or cold medicines with antihistamines/pain relievers/cough suppressants, or if allergic or hypersensitive to ASA, salicylates, anti-inflammatory drugs, or any of the listed ingredients. 
  • Do not take if you have an ulcer, gastrointestinal disease, lupus, liver or kidney problems, asthma or if pregnant or nursing. 
  • May cause marked drowsiness. 
  • Avoid tranquilizers, alcoholic beverages, driving a motor vehicle, or operating machinery. 
  • In case of overdose: Stop use and contact a doctor or poison control centre immediately, even if there are no symptoms.