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  ASPIRIN Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg 180 Tablets
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Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg 180 Tablets

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Aspirin Daily Low Dose is a doctor recommended ASA that is used for supervised preventative therapy with a special coating to help prevent upset stomach. Speak to your doctor to determine if coated aspirin daily low dose is right for you.

Bayer aspirin has been a popular remedy for millions of pain sufferers for over a century. It is the original pain relief pill. The product works quickly, is completely safe, and is guaranteed to be effective against many forms of mild pain. Bayer is the brand that millions of Canadians turn to when they are feeling ill. If you are experiencing aches and pains, you should strongly consider purchasing Bayer aspirin. This product will provide effective temporary pain relief for a variety of symptoms, including stomach aches, back aches, joint aches and headaches. Bayer's aspirin can literally be a lifesaver.  Bayer is available in many different volumes and packages, so you have the flexibility of choosing to purchase the number of pills that are right for you. Always consult with your doctor before using this product.

-Bayer is used, per a doctor's recommendation, for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.
-Bayer aspirin can provide temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis.
-This product does not contain any caffeine or sodium.
-The pills are covered with a special coating to make swallowing them easier.
-It works fast for instant relief.