Aura Cacia | Aromatherapy

Aura Cacia is an American company and quality leader in aromatherapy that focusses primarily on essential oils and organic skin care products. Aura Cacia products are formulated using 100% pure essential oils, which are sourced via Well Earth—Aura Cacia’s sustainable sourcing program. This eco-conscious company is all about adding simple pleasures to everyday life. 

Environmental benefits of using Aura Cacia include the following:

  • sustainably sourced ingredients
  • direct sourcing (e.g. with small farmers)
  • recycled packaging materials and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials
  • minimized packaging
  • no animal testing
  • no animal by-products (with the exception of beeswax)

Aura Cacia was founded in Weavervill, California, in 1982—a time when the benefits of aromatherapy were being introduced to the public. Frontier Natural Products Co-op purchased Aura Cacia in 1993, which strengthened Aura Cacia’s ability to use expert quality testing and superior sourcing capabilities.

Today, Aura Cacia is one of the leaders in quality aromatherapy products. This popular brand gives 1% of its organic product sales to organic farmers and their communities. The idea is to provide opportunities to disadvantaged workers and help them and their families achieve a better quality of life.


All Aura Cacia ingredients are listed on product labels in the order of quantity. Aura Cacia makes sure to completely avoid vague terms and ingredient names, instead offering its customers complete transparency and quality.

“We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase our products.”

-Quote taken from Aura Cacia’s official website.

  • Essential oils

Aura Cacia describes essential oils as the “aromatic essences of plants.” Essential oils have been used for ages across the globe and have helped countless people reach physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Aura Cacia’s official website offers recommendations for products based on customer intentions. Intentions are listed as the following:

  • balancing
  • energizing
  • meditation
  • passion
  • purifying
  • relaxing

Aura Cacia offers everything from mineral bath salts, to massage creams and oils, to air freshening spritzes.

This everyday company is doing big things for everyday people.

For additional information, click here to visit Aura Cacia's official website.