AXE provides a complete line of hygiene and toiletry products for men. With an energetic, playful and fun element to each item, any man can look, smell and feel great. AXE product lines include deodorant, body spray, shower gel and shampoo. Each product comes in various scents and preparations for different skin and hair types.

  • AXE shower gel helps a man keep up with the hottest girls and remain energetic all night long. Recharge each morning with a shower using AXE shower gel and feel great all day.
  • AXE deodorants and antiperspirants help to eliminate the problem of premature perspiration. Whether it's nervousness over a test, public speaking or meeting a great-looking girl for the first time, this product is a must for every man.
  • AXE shampoo can handle any hair type and leave it looking exceptional. Anti-dandruff shampoo can help to eliminate this unsightly and often embarrassing problem.
  • AXE body spray will lure in even the most demanding of girls and keep them coming back for more.