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  BELL LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS Master Herbalist Calming Chronic Stress #66 60 Capsules
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Master Herbalist Calming Chronic Stress #66 60 Capsules

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Bell Master Herbalist Calming Chronic Stress #66 (60 capsules) is a natural health supplement that helps increase feelings of motivation and mental and physical well-being. It can also help restore adrenal gland balance. If you're suffering from any of the following, you may benefit from the natural and herbal ingredients found in Bell #66:

  • chronic stress
  • anxiety
  • chronic fatigue
  • lack of motivation
  • feelings of inadequacy 
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • a compulsive disorder
  • an eating disorder
Adrenal glands also play a role in mood management. Two triangular shaped glands sit on top both your kidneys. These triangular glands are your adrenal glands, which mediate your body's stress by producing certain hormones. Stress causes adrenal fatigue, which causes even more stress. Bell #66 promotes adrenal health. 

The following is an overview of a few of the ingredients in Bell Calming Chronic Stress, and their health benefits:

  • Griffonia is a wild climbing shrub that produces deep, ruby-colored flowers. Griffonia helps the body build a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which plays a key role elevating mood. 
  • Melissa officianalis (or lemon balm) is a herb in the mint family that's leaves--which have a lemony aroma--are used in medicine. Lemon balm contains chemicals that seem to have a mild sedative effect on the body, making lemon balm a popular aromatherapy herb. 

Bell #66 also contains an amino acid called tyrosine, a building block of protein, which the body uses to make chemical messengers. These chemical messengers are involved in all sorts of brain activities, including maintaining mental alertness. Tryosine is used to treat mild to moderate depression.

Take two Calming Chronic Stress capsules twice daily for two weeks, then take one capsule three times daily for maintenance. 

Bell Master Herbalist Calming Chronic Stress #66 contains the following ingredients:

  • griffonia
  • Melissa officianalis (lemon balm) extract
  • l-tyrosine
  • Holly basis extract
  • gamma amino batric acid (GABA)
  • Avena sativa extract
  • magnesium taurate
  • No known side effects when taken as directed. 
  • Store out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • We recommend that you speak with a health care professional before using this product, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.