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  BELL LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS Master Herbalist Virux Viral Infections #42 60 Capsules
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Master Herbalist Virux Viral Infections #42 60 Capsules

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Bell Lifestyle Products Master Herbalist Virux Viral Infections #42 (60 capsules) is a natural supplement that improves the immune system's ability to fight a variety of infections, including the following:

  • cold sores
  • flu viruses
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • the common cold or flu

Bell Master Herbalist Virux Viral Infections contains herbs, botanical compounds, amino acids, and plant polysaccharides that bolster immune system strength and inhibit virus replication, reducing further harm to the body.

  • Prunella vulgaris is a flowering perennial that functions as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antiseptic, anti-viral, astringent, carminative, diuretic, and antioxidant. It seems to be particularly affective at relieving sore throat, fever, cold and flu, jaundice, bradycardia, nephritis, and herpes.
  • Red marine algae is found in the deep ocean and contains polysaccharides that support overall health, and can lift energy levels.
  • Astragalus  is a member of the legume family that has contains polysaccharides, which support your body's natural defenses.
  • Lysine is an amino acid that is essential for building healthy immune systems and seems to prevent viruses from growing.

 Take 3-4 Virux Viral Infections capsules per day, or as required.


Bell Lifestyle Products Virus Viral Infections contains the following ingredients: 

  • l-Lysine
  • Prunella vulgaris (stand. For PUP-E active compound)
  • astragulas extract
  • red marine algae (incl. 3 species: Skottsbergii, tenella and stellata)
  • chaparral


  • Store out of reach of children
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not use Virus Viral Infections if you are pregnant or nursing.