BIC is all about the simple every day solutions. That’s why you can buy a BIC lighter, BIC razor, and a BIC ballpoint pen. Being everywhere is what BIC's all about. According to their official website, BIC's goal is to “make a consumer’s life easier” by providing easy answers to everyday needs.


Since BIC is all about meeting the everyday needs of its consumers, their products are always evolving, changing, being re-invented based on specific needs.

  • technical ingenuity
  • optimal performance
  • ongoing research and development


With 46 million products, BIC needs to ensure high quality, same quality and safety across the board.

A few examples:

  • The BIC Cristal pen can draw a line 1.5 kilometers long, with the line being as strong at one end as the other.
  • The BIC Maxi lighter can make 3,000 identical flames.
  • The BIC Comfort 3 shaver lasts 10 shaves—each shave being equally as efficient as the next.

Modern consumers use BIC more than they probably realize. This simplifying brand has had a long history which began back in 1945 when Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard manufactured a fountain pen and mechanical pencil in Clichy, France.

Other BIC highlights include the following:

1973 BIC introduces its first lighter
1979 BIC introduces colouring and drawing products
1992 BIC introduces Wite Out
1997 BIC introduces the luxury fountain pen

For additional information, click here to visit BIC's official Canadian website.