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  BOOST Chocolate plus Calories 237ml 6 Pack
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Chocolate plus Calories 237ml 6 Pack

4 x 6 Pack
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Boost Chocolate plus Calories is designed to give you complete nutrition when you healthcare professional recommends that you increase your calorie and protein intake. Containing 14g of protein and containing 28 vitamins and minerals, Boost plus Calories helps provide the nutrition you need to stay active and strong.

Boost Chocolate plus Calories contains 360 calories, 50% more then Boost Meal replacement.


    rates this 4/5

    It took a couple days to get used to the texture and thickness of the drink, but once you do it tastes okay. I am hesitant to rate it 5 stars because I found these to be extremely difficult to open. You could not open them by hand, and I had to use a knife to cut through and then pry it off from under it. Beyond that, the taste is alright and as it should (chocolate). I couldn't drink it too fast otherwise I'd feel sick afterwards. The vitamins are a big plus but would prefer some fibre too.

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