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  CALMO Eye Spray 10 ml
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Eye Spray 10 ml

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When you experience symptoms of dry eye or burning, itching, strained eye-lids or foreign body sensation, your doctor may recommend using Calmo Eye Spray.

Calmo Eye Spray offers immediate comfort and humidification of dry eyes and stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film when sprayed on the closed eye. It also is preservative free and usually very well tolerated. Contains liposomes and dexpanthenol (pro-vitamin B5), which moisturize the eye area and provide preventative protection for the skin.

Spray Calmo Eye Spray 1 - 2 times on the closed eyelids from a distance of approximately 10 cm. Do not spray the product into the open eye or touch the eye surface with the spray head.

Generally, applying Calmo Eye Spray 3 - 4 times per day is recommended. If you apply Calmo Eye Spray more frequently (e.g.: more than 10 times per day) or suffer from more severe complaints, please consult your ophthalmologist or optometrist. Calmo Eye Spray is suitable for long-term treatment. As with all health concerns, you should consult your doctor when your symptoms persist.

When using eye makeup, Calmo Eye Spray should be used before applying makeup and after makeup removal. Calmo Eye Spray can also be used with previously applied eye makeup. In this case, only one spray should be applied and the distance between the dispenser and the eye should be slightly greater (about 20 cm).