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  COLDSORE-FX Natural Cold Sore Treatment 2 g
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Natural Cold Sore Treatment 2 g

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| naturally sourced ingredient | 

A sticky resin that bees collect from trees and plants is the key ingredient to COLDSORE-FX. The resin, known as propolis, is gathered from Canadian honeybees, and is clinically proven to help...

  • heal cold sores faster (by an average of 4 days)
  • relieve discomfort associated with cold sores

When applied topically to a cold sore, COLDSORE-FX relieves the sores and with them, the symptoms,  wherever, and whenever you notice an outbreak. 80% of adults carry the HSV-1 cold sore virus, and of those, 20-40% experience recurrent outbreaks.

If you are part of the population that gets cold sores, don't suffer for longer than you have to. Treat yourself with this natural health product - at home, or on the go!



| Apply 4-6 times per day until cold sore is healed |

use topically on lips or mouth. Do not ingest. Do not use in mouth or eyes.

The key ingredient for Coldsore-FX Natural Cold Sore Treatment is:

  • Propolis ACF†

Extracted from Canadian honeybees.

  • if you are allergic to bees or honey, consult a healthcare practitioner before starting COLDSORE-FX.