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  COMPOUND W Skin Tag Remover 08 Doses
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Skin Tag Remover 08 Doses

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Compound W Skin Tag Remover freezes skin tags instantly for effective removal at home. The Precision tip applicator pinpoints the skin tag while the tag target skin shield protects the healthy skin.
Compound W Skin Tag Remover uses four steps to remove the skin tag:
Step 1: Apply the Tag Target skin shield. The skin shield protects the skin around the skin tag.
Step 2: Prepare the foam tip applicator and holder.
Step 3: Freeze the applicator.
Step 4: Freeze the skin tag.
Assure you read and follow all the manufacturer directions.
One package of Compound W Skin Tag Remover is good for eight applications. The maximum size skin tag that can be removed is 3mm across.
Skin Tags are most commonly found on the eyelids, armpits, groin, under the breasts and neck. Skin Tags generally form in areas where skin rubs on skin.