Crayola: Green Colour-Green Environment

About Crayola:

Crayola has been known for its crayon products and crafts that provide a rainbow of colour. However, there is now an emphasis on going "green." Crayola believes that a company should be responsible and give back to its community. They help to preserve the environment through their products and business practices without sacrificing the high safety and quality standards that they uphold.

Since Crayola leads the market in kid's creativity, they want to make sure that all children have a wonderful environment to grow into. Crayola tries to lower their environmental footprint and set high goals to encourage customers and suppliers to adopt this type of stewardship as well.

Crayola Products:

Crayola has an entire solar farm dedicated to providing power for the manufacturing of their many products. This is just one way that they try to preserve the environment.

Their crayons are an excellent representation of what comes from their solar farm. This technology can create a billion crayons each year. During the manufacturing process, they re-melt any chipped or broken items so that there is no waste.

Over 500 million markers a year are made from the energy produced by their solar field. In addition, marker plugs are made from recycled plastic. To ensure the safety of children, other products are sealed and conform to all regulatory standards. So far, only the barrel of the markers are recyclable.

Crayola coloured pencils are made from reforested wood. For each tree that is used, they plant a new tree in its place. Crayola never uses wood from endangered trees or rain forests.

Crayola is constantly looking to grow their green incentives, but never want take away from their famous quality and safety. All Crayola products, including crayons, toys, crafts and activity books, will always provide a safe and creative outlet for customers.