Elastoplast | The Healing Expert

Elastoplast is a wound care and foot care company with a long history. Founded in the UK in 1896 as Smith & Nephew, Elastoplast specialized primarily in wound dressings. It wasn’t until 1924, when an inventor named Lohmann AG invented an elastic type cloth fabric with adhesive that the tenspolastic material was used for bandages and dressings. In 1927, Smith & Nephew bought the patent and trade mark for Lohmann’s adhesive bandages. By 1930, Elastoplast was selling a wide range of products that included everything from Bandages and First Aid Dressings to Wrist Bandages and Porous Plasters.

A German company named Beirsdorf AG now owns the manufacturing rights and trade mark of Elastoplast.


Elastoplast offers wound and foot care. Elastoplast wound bandages are made in the following types:

  • advanced protection
  • antibacterial
  • fabric
  • heavy fabric
  • kids
  • plastic
  • waterproof

Foot care bandages include blister bandages (large and small sizes) and advanced protection.

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