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  FUNGI NAIL Original Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution 30 ml
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Original Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution 30 ml

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Fungi-Nail Original Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution (30 mL) is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended antifungal formula that's been trusted for over 20 years. There are no known side effects when used as directed, and results are visible in as little as two weeks! The Fungi-Nail solution contains 25% undecylenic acid, an antifungal medicine and fatty acid that helps halt the following fungus growths:

  • toenail and fingernail fungus infections
  • athlete's foot
  • ingrown nails
  • fungal infections on nail cuticles, edges and tips

Nail fungal infections are not uncommon, are estimated to make up about 50% of all nail abnormalities, and can occur on fingernails or toenails (although most common on toenails). Symptoms usually include nail discoloration (black or yellow toenails), crumbling nail edges, and thick and brittle toenails.

Nail fungal infections are caused by fungi, which are microorganisms that breed in hot and humid environments, such as between an infected or damaged nail and nail bed.

Clear nail fungal infections fast with Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot!

  • clears skin fungal infections
  • inhibits fungal cell growth and reproduction

Directions for Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot are as follows:

  • Clean area of fungal infection thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Let dry completely.
  • Apply a thin layer of Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot Solution over fungal infection twice daily (i.e. morning and night).
  • For athlete's foot and ringworm, use daily for 4 weeks.

Wear well-ventilated shoes. Change socks 1-2 times daily. Keep toe and finger nails clipped.

Fungi-Nail Original Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution contains the following ingredients:

Active Ingredient:

  • undecylenic acid (25%)

Inactive Ingredient:

  • isopropyl palmitate
  • For external use only.
  • Do not use on children under 2 years, unless directed by a health care professional.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Seek medical help if there is no improvement in 4 weeks.
  • Store out of reach of children.
  • In case of accidental ingestion, contact a emergency medical care facility or Poison Control Center immediately.