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Herbion Naturals

Herbion Naturals discovers, develops, and provides people with plant-based medicines. Safe and effective don’t always go together—but with Herbion Naturals they do! This planet-loving company helps provide relief for cough, cold, and flu symptoms that keep people from feeling their best! Herbion Naturals is now available in over 21 countries. 

Herbion was founded in 1983 and began distributing its products during 1997 in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), or the former Soviet Union, and Pakistan. Herbion has since expanded to worldwide markets. Herbion has a product line with over 44 unique formulations, focusing mainly on herbal ingredients. Herbion Naturals products include the following:

  • cough syrups
  • lozenges
  • cold, cough and flu remedies

Herbion Naturals uses state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plants where their research and development teams make their formulas. Herbion Naturals products contain formulas with herbal blends, so usage is devoid of side-effects and patient complications.


Herbion Naturals products promote short-term wellness, and long-term health!

  • no harmful synthetic chemicals
  • sugar-free products contain Stevia (a natural sweetener)
  • high quality ingredients
  • full implementation of standard operating procedures, aligned with international cGMMP standards.

Herbion Naturals specialties include the following:

  • Children’s Cough Syrup
  • Adults Cough Syrup
  • Natural Lozenges
  • Skin Care Products
  • Respiratory Care Products
  • Digestive Care Products
  • Nutritional Care Products