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  HOMEOCAN Calendula + First-Aid Cream 50 g
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Calendula + First-Aid Cream 50 g

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Homeocan Calendula + First-Aid Cream is a fast-acting choice for a variety of first-aid needs. The use of unscented natural products makes this an excellent option for those who are sensitive to fragrances. The formula includes calendula, phytolacca, hypericum, echinacea, sulfur and cantharis to create a cream that promotes rapid healing.

Those who appreciate the natural products used in homeopathy will find that this is an ideal choice for treating a variety of ailments. The first aid cream is helpful for treating the stinging sensation associated with insect bites. Sunburn and itching can also be treated through homeopathy with the use of this cream from Homeocan. Calendula promotes healing, making this product an excellent component of your first aid kit.