Homeocan is a company that produces entirely natural products based on the principles of homeopathy. Homeocan was founded in 1987 by Canadian pharmacist Michele Boisvert. In addition to her pharmacy training, Ms. Boisvert studied homeopathy in Europe, and she began offering homeopathic remedies in her store as early as 1982.

Since its beginning, Homeocan has grown to be one of the the leading suppliers of homeopathy products in North America. Among the many products available are tablets, pellets and powders designed to treat over 70 conditions including arthritis, sinusitis, skin ailments and stomach conditions. Products are also available to provide homeopathic remedies for those who need help with weight loss and fatigue.

In addition to its homeopathic line of products, Homeocan also sells a line of phytotherapy products that are naturally derived from plants and herbs. Just as with the homeopathic line, Homeocan's phytotherapy products are designed to treat many conditions.

Homeocan also makes available 29 different trace minerals in its Oligocan Advanced Colloidal Mineral line. Trace minerals are used to help promote the body's own natural defenses combat illness and disease.

Essencia is Homeocan's line of aromatherapy products. These natural products created from flowers include shower gels, massage oils and floral water products.