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  JAMIESON VITAMINS Folic Acid 1 mg 100 Tablets
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Folic Acid 1 mg 100 Tablets

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Jamieson Vitamins Folic Acid 1 mg (100 tablets) contains 1,000 mcg of folic acid, which is a water-soluble B vitamin that's involved in producing genetic material (DNA), and other bodily functions. 

  • helps prevent folic acid deficiency (and subsequent diseases, which include ulcerative colitis, liver disease, alcoholism, kidney dialysis, etc.)
  • helps prevent anemia
  • supports cardiovascular health
  • supports bowel health (helps the bowel absorb nutrients properly)
  • required for energy production, immune support, and for the formation of red blood cells
  • helps the body metabolize proteins
Women who are pregnant (or might become pregnant) take folic acid to prevent miscarriage and neural tube defects. A baby's skull, brain, and spine require folic acid in order to develop properly during these early weeks of pregnancy.

To reduce the risk of neural tube defects, it is important to start taking vitamin supplements that contain folic acid even before you get pregnant. Neural tube defects (NTDs) are birth defects that occur when the neural tube fails to close during early pregnancy. This can result in abnormalities of the spine, brain, or skull, a stillbirth, or a lifelong disability.

Health care professionals suggest taking folic acid supplements before and throughout a pregnancy.

Take  1 Folic Acid tablet daily with a meal. 

Jamieson Folic Acid 1,000 mcg/1 mg contains the following ingredients:
No salt, sugar, starch, gluten or lactose. 
[per tablet]
  • folate (folic acid) 1,000 mcg/1 mg
  • cellulose
  • dicalcium phosphate
  • modified cellulose gum
  • vegetable magnesium stearate
  • silica
  • Folic acid therapy can mask a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Consult a healthcare professional for your Vitamin B12 needs.
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage. Very large doses can be harmful for individuals with hormone-related cancers (i.e. breast or prostate cancer), and may cause seizures in individuals with epilepsy.
  • Store out of reach of children.