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  JAMIESON VITAMINS Vitamin C Chewable Tablets in Mixed Fruit Flavours 500 mg | BONUS SIZE 120 Tablets
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Vitamin C Chewable Tablets in Mixed Fruit Flavours 500 mg | BONUS SIZE 120 Tablets

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Boost your health with these tasty vitamin C chewables! Jamieson Vitamins Vitamin C Mixed Fruit Chewables 500 mg (120 tablets) is a nutritious daily supplement with orange, cherry and tropical fruit flavours!

Vitamins and nutrients taken from plant extracts, such as lemons, cherries and rose hips, fortify the immune system and help protect your system against free radicals and viral and bacterial infections. Other health benefits include the following:

  • supports gum, teeth and total mouth health
  • supports immune health and helps relieve cold and flu symptoms
  • helps the body heal wounds and broken bones
  • aids in iron absorption in the intestines
  • plays a role in red blood cell production in bone marrow
  • helps the body make collagen and connective tissues

Some research also suggests that vitamin C supplements may help reduce the look of broken, leaky capillaries. Capillaries are small, fine connections in the circulatory system that connect veins and arteries. They exchange water, nutrients, oxygen and waste between all cell tissues in the human body, are therefore are important to overall health!

Take 1-4 Vitamin C Mixed Fruit Chewables daily with food.

Jamieson Vitamin C Mixed Flavour Chewables 500 mg contains the following ingredients:

[per chewable tablet]

  • vitamin C 500 mg (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate)
  • supporting botanical blend 7 mg

Derived from the following sources:

  • Hesperidin Complex (Citrus sinensis, pericarps)
  • Lemon Bioflavonoids (Citrus limon, rind)
  • Acerola Cherry (4:1) extract (Malpighia glabra, fruit)
  • Rosehips (Rosa laevigata, fruit)
  • Rutin (Dimorphandra mollis)

Other Ingredients:

  • Orange (Dextrose, Cellulose, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Natural and Artificial Orange Flavours, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Curcumin Complex (Turmeric), Sucralose, Natural Carmine).
  • Tropical (Dextrose, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Natural and Artificial Banana, Mango, Passion Fruit, Kiwi and Tropical Punch Flavours, Silica, Sucralose).
  • Cherry (Dextrose, Mannitol, Natural Cherry Flavour, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Calcium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Silica, Sucralose, Natural Carmine Colour).
  • Consult a health care professional prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing or are taking mixed amphetamines, high blood pressure medication, or blood thinning medication.
  • No known side effects when taken as directed. Doses greater than recommended have been associated with loose stools, diarrhea, gas and bloating. Decrease dosage if these symptoms occur.
  • Store out of reach of children.