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  KIENNA Canadian Maple Coffee Pods 18
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Canadian Maple Coffee Pods 18

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Kienna Canadian Maple Coffee Pods make brewing your coffee every morning a breeze. The pods are clean and easy to use and are packed with fresh roasted coffee. Canadian Maple is a blend of Arabica beans infused with a delicious Canadian Maple flavour. This medium roast coffee also contains 60% natural maple flavouring from Canada. This coffee is roasted in Canada and placed in pods that are earth-friendly and biodegradable.

The Kienna coffee pods are designed to work with Keurig brewers and must be used with the reusable KiennaCUP adapter. The KiennaCUP adapter is NOT included in this box. The adapter is good for upwards of 5,000 cups of coffee and provides a much more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative for Keurig users. Buy your KiennaCUP today!

Please check out Kienna's how-to-use video for additional information.

The following brewers are compatible when used with our KiennaCUP:

Keurig Single Serve Brewers:

  • All Keurig Single Serve Brewers

Cusinart Line:

  • SS-700
  • SS-780PC0

Breville Line:

  • BKC 600XL
  • BKC 700XL

Mr Coffee Line:

  • BVMC-KG1
  • BVMC-KG2

Use our coffee pods WITHOUT our KiennaCUP in the following brewers:

  • Melitta One to One Pod Brewer
  • Senseo Pod Brewer
  • SunCafe Pod Brewer
  • Bunn MyCafe Pod Brewer
  • My Invento
  • In a cup of hot water steep like tea


    rates this 5/5

    If you like medium or light coffee and if you like maple this is heavenly. Far far better than any other maple flavour on the market and I've tried them all. And anyone that I've shared it with has loved it too. Bonus that it makes the kitchen smell wonderful too. My all time favourite.

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