Kienna Coffee Roasters

A family from Calgary, Alberta, dreamed of a day when an exceptional cup of coffee could be served in every office, and every workplace, in Canada. That family founded Kienna Coffee Roasters in 1999.

Fresh, Exotic blends of coffee from over 100 countries around the world are now roasted locally, in Calgary. Today, Kienna is still run by a family with a passion for customers, coffee, and creating an “exceptional coffee experience.”

Kienna is proud to operate in Canada, and they are proud to support local businesses and the Canadian economy. Their packaging and sales material is all printed locally, and they’d like their focus to remain local as much as possible. That means each Kienna box is packaged, with love, from a friendly Kienna staff member.


Kienna coffee pods come in a variety of unique flavours (20 flavours in all!)—from Backpackers Brew, to Crazy Coconut, to Canadian Maple. Kienna coffee pods are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Wherever possible, Kienna choose the environmentally-friendly, fair trade option.

As well as coffee and espresso pods, Kienna also offers whole beans and ground coffee (medium to dark roast). The coffee is sold in boxes with individual pods that are designed especially for the KiennaCUP adapter. This adapter can be used and reused in the popular Keurig coffee brewer. In fact, it should last for over 5,000 brews. This cup helps to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste, thereby cementing Kienna’s environmentally friendly business model. In addition, the reusable Kienna pod saves money over the usual one-time-use pod. The single serve coffee pod is perfect for making one cup at a time. Coffee pods are sold in packages of 18.

For more information, click here to visit Kienna's official website.