A Blood Pressure Monitor to Put You in Charge

Responsibility for Your Own Health

Taking charge of your own heart health is paramount to controlling conditions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By monitoring your own health, you may be more likely to adopt healthier choices that could cut your risk factors. In cases of high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat, you can use a home blood pressure monitor to assist the doctor in regulating your medication or encouraging yourself to keep up with the healthier lifestyle changes you have implemented. The convenience of taking and recording blood pressure readings at home at regular intervals will help present an accurate picture of how your medication is working. Your doctor will then be able to more effectively offer advice and treatment options. A LifeSource blood pressure monitor is a great tool for helping people monitor high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and other health conditions such as diabetes or kidney problems.

LifeSource blood pressure monitors are practical to use in conjunction with a pedometer or other activity monitor, so you receive the optimum benefits from your cardiovascular workout. Believe it or not, it is possible to overdo exercise under certain conditions. Using a monitor can help you make sure that you do not reach too high of a heartbeat or pulse rate on your way to attaining heart health. As your pedometer or activity monitor shows increased activity levels, you can check your heart rate and blood pressure to be sure you are within the proper range.

The Latest Technology is Built In

LifeSource has several types of blood pressure monitors available. Large digital display screens show accurate readings taken from the well-designed, easy-to-use cuffs. Pulse readings are displayed as well as blood pressure readings. Cuffs for larger arms and tabletop models offer every individual a choice for their particular circumstances. Technology allows monitors to track AM and PM measurements and average the readings for a better-controlled treatment plan. This is a method of auto control medical support that provides positive reinforcement and motivation to its users.

In episodes of irregular heartbeat, the auto control medical support technology makes it possible for accurate blood pressure and pulse rate measurements to be recorded. Some models are equipped for connecting to a PC. Your information can be transferred to the PC for storage or for transfer to your doctor’s office for further medical inspection and health maintenance. Measurements from LifeSource systems are reliable sources that are comparable to the accurate measurements of trained professionals.