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  LISTERINE Ultraclean Anti-Cavity Mouthwash 1 L
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Ultraclean Anti-Cavity Mouthwash 1 L

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Listerine Ultraclean Anti-Cavity Mouthwash has a fresh burst of flavour! This mouthwash will:

  • Kill bad breath germs
  • Prevent and reduce gingivitis
  • Prevent and reduce plaque
  • Prevent cavities
  • Strength tooth enamel

Please note that Listerine Ultraclean Anti-Cavity Mouthwash has all the same features as Listerine Fluoride just in a new bottle. 


    rates this 5/5

    Flouride is a good feature. This Listerine doesn't taste tough like the old formula. It's important to have an antiseptic in it like alcohol. Otherwise things deteriorate. The other mouthwashes that say no alcohol - they don't seem to have an antiseptic.

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