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Live Clean

“Making a change for the greater green.”
-Live Clean catchphrase.

Live Clean is a Canadian personal care product brand with one teeny-tiny eco-footprint! In 2007, Live Clean set out to be the first premium eco-friendly brand that doesn't sacrifice performance for its conscious green steps.

Live Clean has a full range of hair care, baby care, bath care, skin care, and lip care products—and there’s something green for the whole family. From baby, to mommy, from grandma, to you, Live Clean offers a formulation made from natural, plant-based ingredients. 96% of their manufacturing is done with replenishable, renewable, and sustainable ingredients.

With a growing number of Canadians concerned about what’s included in their hair and skincare products, this planet-loving brand has made it their mission to offer complete transparency as environmental stewards and makers of green products.

  • no non-renewable ingredients
  • 100% natural, plant sourced or non-petrochemical based ingredients

Live Clean invites its customers to the Live Clean Challenge, where participants are encouraged to compare Live Clean products to their regular brands, rate the performance and experience, and pick the winner. If the regular brand is better, Live Clean offers a full refund.

Live Clean also invites its customers to eco-challenge themselves by following a list of environmentally conscious points, from “Grow a garden,” to “Skip the pre-rinse,” to “Ride a bike.”

Can you Live Clean?


Live Clean products contain what it calls all the “key green elements,” which include no harsh chemicals or preservatives, and cruelty free (no animal testing).

  • hair
  • professional
  • body
  • Hand
  • fresh face
  • lovely lips
  • spa therapy
  • baby
  • kidz

Live Clean even has an “eco pooch” shampoo line for the furry eco-pet in your household.

For additional information, click here to visit Live Clean's official website.