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  OPPO Hinged Knee Stabilizer 1031 XL | Tan
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Hinged Knee Stabilizer 1031 XL | Tan

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| Extra Large 45.1 cm - 50.2 cm | Tan Colour |

The Oppo Hinged Knee Stabilizer has a unique design that helps relieve pain and increase circulation. A fitted knee stabilizer provides a comfortable fit and optimal stabilization for the following injuries:

  • Patellar subluxation/tilting
  • Collateral ligament injury
  • Cruciate ligament sprain
  • Moderate sprain/ strain

The Oppo Hinged Knee Stabilizer is made from flexible, breathable neoprene, and has a cotton lining made from 100% cotton with smooth fibres. 

  • 70% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 15% Cotton
  • neoprene circle pads prevent patella displacement
  • medial & lateral stays provide extra knee support & stability
  • hook & loop straps provide comfort & stabilization during activities
  • cotton & neoprene retains body heat, warming the knee joint & increasing blood circulation

 Simply insert foot into the Oppo Hinged Knee Stabilizer, and pull it up to the knee cap. Place a circular hole over kneecap, then secure stabilizer straps to desired fit and compression.