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  PROMENSIL Promensil Regular Strength 30 Tablets
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Promensil Regular Strength 30 Tablets

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Promensil is for menopausal and post-menopausal women experiencing menopause symptoms, Promensil Regular Strength with 40 mg of isoflavones:

  • may  help reduce severe and frequent hot flashes/flushes in post-menopausal women;
  • may help to reduce Bone Density Mineral losses with adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D in post-menopausal women;
  • may support cardiovascular health by improving the elasticity of the arteries

Promensil Regular Strength tablets do not contain yeast, milk derivatives, wheat and corn starch, gluten, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and has no added sugar

Recommended Dose: take one tablet daily with food. To help relieve daytime symptoms, take Promensil with breakfast. If night time symptoms are worse, take Promensil with the evening meal. Antibiotics may disrupt your gut flora and hence reduce the absorption of Promensil via the gut. Eating yogurt may help to re-establish your gut flora and improve the absorption of Promensil.

Most women notice relief from symptoms within 3-8 weeks. If you have had absolutely no change in your well being after 9 weeks then you should contact your doctor who may be able to suggest ways to improve the efficacy of Promensil for you.

It is important that Promensil Regular Strength tablets be taken DAILY. It will not be effective otherwise. It's recommended duration of use is at least six months.

Promensil can be used safely for a long time. When visible symptoms such as hot flashes reduce or stop, the effects of declining estrogen levels are still affecting bone mineral density and cardiovascular health.

WARNING: You should not take HRT and Promensil at the same time. The two therapies shouldn't be combined because they may work against each other.

Consult your healthcare practitioner: 

  • if you are currently taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill or Hormone Therapy
  • before taking any dietary supplement
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding