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  RALLY ACTIVE Healing Gloves  Medium
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Healing Gloves Medium

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Those who suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome will experience cold hands and fingers that may change colour at the tips and go numb. The Synergy Healing 3/4 Gloves apply compression to the wrist and hand to increase circulation and keep hands warm. These gloves help with more than Raynaud's Syndrome. The compression from the Synergy 3/4 Gloves also helps to relieve wrist pain and hand pain that may accompany arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The gloves may also be used while exercising. Since the fingertips are exposed, those working out can still grip and hold exercise equipment. The compression from the gloves will keep hand pain and wrist pain to a minimum during an exercise routine.

Medium: 19 - 24 cm (7.5" - 9.5")