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  SABONA Magnetic Link Stainless Black Bracelet L/XL
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Magnetic Link Stainless Black Bracelet L/XL

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Magnetic therapy is a common practice all over the world, with thousands of people believing that wearing magnets will promote good health. It is believed that there are healing powers associated with body pain and stiffness.

It is believed that the magnets create a slight electrical current that, when applied to a painful area, will help to stimulate the nerves and help to release endorphins (natural pain killer). The other possible theory on how magnetic therapy works is that, when applied to the painful areas, the magnets will help to increase blood circulation within that area, therefore increasing oxygen flow.

The Sabona Magnetic Link Stainless Black Bracelet will increase blood circulation, and help to reduce pain and inflammation. The bracelet needs to fit close to the skin in order to be effective.