The DivaCup

For a More Positive Period Experience

Who We Are:

The DivaCup was developed to create a more positive period experience. This menstrual cup was developed by Francine Chambers and her daughter, Carinne, after years of experience in the menstrual cup industry. Together, they developed the Diva Cup to be a healthy and eco-friendly feminine hygiene product. It is the sustainable alternative to tampons and pads.

Our Products:

DivaCup is a revolution in feminine hygiene. The reusable menstrual cup gives you 12 hours of leak-free protection. The soft silicone cup gets softer with body heat so it will form to your body. As the cup is worn internally, there is no need to worry about period odours! The bell-shaped cup is great for women of all shapes and sizes. As well, the DivaCup is only available in natural un-pigmented silicone.

An added benefit of the menstrual cup is that it allows women to learn more about their monthly cycles. With the measurement feature on each DivaCup, women can keep track of their flow.

The lifespan of the DivaCup depends on a multitude of factors: cup deterioration, vaginal pH, how often and well the cup is cleaned, and more. A general rule of thumb is to replace the menstrual cup once a year. If you see any signs of deterioration (e.g. severe discoloration or odour) or if you experience irritation, purchasing a new DivaCup is recommended.

For more information, visit the DivaCup website